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Site Design

Internet Site Design

In consultation with you, we will create a site designed to meet your current needs and to grow as you grow.

As each site is unique, we no longer offer package deals, but will give you an estimate of the cost once we discuss your needs with you.


Graphics Design

We offer complete graphics design including site graphics packages, image map creation and specialized graphics for your site. Complete graphics packages include: site banner, navigation features, back-ground & horizontal rules.

  • Banner & Navigation Graphics - Prices Vary
  • Banner & Navigation Graphics - Prices Vary
  • Additional site graphics - Prices Vary
  • Specialized Graphics - Prices Vary

Graphics Scanning & Optimizing

We will convert your existing advertising graphics. We will scan your graphics and optimize them for inclusion on your website.

  • $10 per scanned image.
  • $5 per digital image optimized

Banner Ads

We will create banner ads for your use in advertising your site in the venues of your choice.

  • $35 per Banner
  • $50 - $100 per Banner animated

Dynamic Site Design

ODBC Database and DSN services

We will work with you to create a database driven site that will allow you to manage online information without the need to know html. Using our recommended host, we offer services using SQL Server and ASP.

Purchase of a database package includes the following:

  • Database creation including up to five tables - $200
  • Additional tables $50
  • Admin Area - $150
    Includes all pages required to add, update, or delete information to the database.
  • Putting the backend on site pages - $25 per page
    This makes it possible for the information in your database to be displayed appropriately on your website pages.
  • Personal training - 1-2 hr session and continued support via email or phone on the use of the admin area of your site. Training will be accomplished online and may include as many users as you require.
  • Additional training of new users after the initial training - $25 per hour.

Examples of Our Work:

  • Author website - author maintains his online schedule and determines which dates appear online.
  • Bounce House site - all equipment, pricing, sales promotions, and availability is maintained by this company's clerical worker without html knowledge required. Site integrity is maintained using a cheaper maintenance solution. This site includes 6 database tables, 57 admin pages, 37 asp web pages that create over 220 dynamically created web pages, and dynamically generated price lists.
  • Eclectic Homeschool Online - This is a massive site with over 6000 pages including over 4400 total dynamically created web pages. The database for this site includes tables that support the site message boards, the current online articles and article archives, an 8800 item Amazon store front, 2000 plus product reviews area, and the admin area that tracks review products from publisher to reviewer to publication online, article acquisition and publication, and allows volunteers to administer all areas of the site.


Adding a Blog to Your Site or Setting Up Your Personal Blog

We will help create a personal blog for you or add a blog to your current site. Costs vary with the size of the project and your needs for graphic work. Please ask for a quote for your project. We prefer to use WordPress for all blogs. We can install and modify any Word Press template you wish to use. We also install a variety of plugins which add functionality to your blog.

Examples of our Work

  • HS Blog - Homeschool Blog - This is a Word Press blog.
  • From a Cluttered Desk - This is a Word Press blog added to the client's site using the site's graphics and layout.


Site Hosting & Setup Services

We offer the following packages to our account holders:

Pkg 1
675 MB disk space
6 GB bandwidth
1 domain

Pkg 2
1350 MB Disk Space
12 GB bandwidth
2 domains

Pkg 3
2250 MB Disk Space
20 GB bandwidth
3 domains

Email boxes are unlimited, but are counted towards your total disk space. Databases available include MySQL 5, SQL Server 2008. Databases are included in the count of total disk space for your account. Daily backups are performed. ZenCart is available to install as a shopping cart.

If you choose not to host through us, please note the following costs for hosting assistance services.

  • Site setup services $25.00
  • Domain transfer services $25.00
    Both include setting up your current email boxes on the new server, and creating an email helps page. For those transferring to new servers, it includes assisting you in making changes to the name servers for your domain.
  • You are responsible for all hosting fees and setup fees charged by the hosting service you choose to use.

Other Services

Domain Registration

We will assist you in registering your domain. You are responsible for all domain registration fees.

Search Engine Optimization

We will analyze your current website to optimize it for search engine listings. We do not guarantee position in the search engines. We use current optimization techniques following industry standards. We will not engage in deceptive practices that will ultimately hurt your search engine rankings.

Billed at $25.00 per hour of work. Work includes a pre-optimization evaluation and a post optimization evaluation 1 month and 3 months after the work has been completed.

Ongoing optimization is available.

Site Promotion

We will assist you in registering your site with the search engines. This includes designing your site for optimal placement in the search engines.

  • Basic site submission $25 per hour.
  • Link development $25 per hour
    We will search for sites which offer link placements that would be beneficial for your site and make requests for links in your name.

Site Maintenance

We will maintain your site updating pages and validating & maintaining web links.

  • $25 per hour of work - we prorate for each quarter hour. A sample maintenance contract is available.
  • You my purchase maintenance contracts in advance which offer a discount on our hourly rate. Contact us for a price quote for your site.

Contact Us for a price quote on a complete Internet Site package.

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